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Agency Annex that we trust sold our three properties in a very short time and proved its professionalism, friendliness and an extraordinary ear for their clients. Also in the sale of real estate that had a more complex background Mrs. Ksenija invested enormous amounts of her effort and time for a succesfull outcome, meanwhile with the other agencies we had more or less just waited for the costumers to come and pay a visit. The Agency Annex has a special courageous approach to its costumers, so i would definitly recommend it to everyone!

Katja and Silven Majhenič, Maribor


If you are looking for a professional, serious and reliable support for the purchase or sale of real estate, the Agency Annex is without doubt the right address.In my memory of the Agency Annex remained professionalism, perseverance and positive energy with which Mrs. Ksenija truly »moves mountains«. Definitely recommend her. Thank you very much and have a succesfull continue!

Jasna Flis, Koper


In a time when it si very difficult to sell a real estate we can say that the day when Mrs. Ksenija contacted us was worth gold. We decided for a sale five years ago. First we unsuccesfully tryed to sell it ourselfes, then with many agencies from which we can say we gained nothing but disappointment.  When we started to cooperate with Agency Annex represented by Mrs. Ksenija, she had brought twice as much costumers in a few months what other agencies were not capable to do in the age of five years. She also took care of all the paperwork involved in the sale, had been personally engaged, adapted to proactively solve problems which we encountered. Distinguished by honesty, enthusiasm, sincerness and courage the Agency Annex is the right choice. Once again, sincere thanks for all your help !!! And thank you for your immense efforts!

Katja Karba and Niko Kniplič, Maribor


I hired real estate Agency Annex to help me sell our apartment. I must confess that they are very friendly, always trying all that is in their power and most importantly they are especially consistent when it comes to documentation. They stood behind all my decisions and proposals. As for the sale, I had not had one single reduntant step to make. Overall, I was able to fully rely on the agency.  Personally I have been totaly pleased with Mrs. Ksenija, trough all we even became friends. Recommend it!

Mirjana Balič, Maribor


We were also selling real estate with your Agency Annex and two other agencies, but I have got to say that you were the only one who brought the most costumers on the views and were also most involved in this sale. You were persistant and patient therefore you have succeeded and where there is a will there is also a success. Thank you!

Janko and Dean Makoter, Maribor


I am cooperating with Agency Annex for two years now and i have to say that working with them is very pleasant. Kindness, courtesy, professionalism, accuracy are their virtues and above all knowledge about satisfying the costumer. I am looking forward to cooperate with you the same in the future!

Zora and Darko Fras, Maribor


We are very pleased in working with Agency Annex, especially with Mrs. Ksenija who made an enormous effort in selling of our real estate and managing to do her work how it is suppose to be done in the sale like this with her kindness and correctness. If anyone intend to sell, buy or change a real estate we mostly recommend cooperation with Agency Annex to everyone!

Tatjana and Milan Žurman, Maribor


Of course you can add me to your new website as a reference, while I have a positive experience with you beacause you truly do your best for the costumers and have an interest of long term cooperation. Have a succesfull renewal of the website and I wish you a lot of good contracts in the future.

Alojz Kolman, Ljubljana


In life we do not move to another home every day so it is very important how we do this and whom we trust ….. We decided to choose AGENCY ANNEX and had let them take over the process from selling the apartment to buying a house. Personally i would like to thank Mrs. Ksenija for extremly professional approach, human sense and the most important – swift realisation of both purchase and sale. THANK YOU Mrs. Ksenija. A home and all the moments that we experience in it are our wealth and it is necessary to store each of them … today … tomorrow … in the safe shelter of a new home.

Katja  Krajnc and Matej Poplatnik, Maribor


Agency Annex is definitely a trustworthy agency. They have helped us as much in sales so as in purchases of a real estate. In our case these two took place together and in the meantime our project looked like mission impossible. But Mrs. Ksenija has embarked on the matter with a great deal of optimism. From a start to finish she showed professionality and proved herself as a good organizer and a great motivator. She stood by our side and encouraged us continualy. Her business was above all correct, in her work she takes into account the wishes of the costumers and has a personal approach. We can confidently say that Mrs. Ksenija is the best example of versatile and friendly adviser. I would love to trust Agency Annex again!

Mateja Frece & Matjaz Bračko, Maribor







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