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“Real estate AGENCIJA ANEKS – your agency with You and for You “


AGENCIJA ANEKS was created for you in order to guide you and your family are planning a budget (your savings) aimed at investments. Out of the total supply you eliminate the property, which you can meet and deliver on your expectations. We provide information of comparable properties so that they can confidently make sure the currently most right bid in the market.

Share in real estate transactions not only contacting sellers and buyers of real estate, is the first and foremost concern for legal certainty in the real estate market. For high-quality provision of services in the field of real estate business brokers have the necessary technical qualifications obtained license of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning and the insurance liability at Zavarovalnica Triglav in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia sum insured 175,000 euros in each case or for damage to € 350,000 for all insurance cases in a single year.

Corporate offer is our priority – follow our arrow and it will bring you to a new home.

All legal documents are professionally drawn, as by a BSc. lawyer, notary or law firm.

We offer mediation in selling, buying, renting or leasing your property.

Buying real estate is a big and important decision in your life. Some people only once, some even repeatedly meet with it.

Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Changes in legislation, price fluctuations in the real estate market, etc., Make it increasingly difficult your decisions, it is increasingly important to have on hand an experienced and professional help in selling-buying process.

With reliability you can count on our knowledge and experience to prepare the right strategy by which you can achieve the desired price.

We work with different legal and tax experts, lawyers, notaries, appraisers, bankers, financiers, insurance agents, surveyors, architects, contractors of energy performance certificates, building contractors and other real estate agencies with the sole purpose to give you as much as possible facilitate and assist in all phases or process of purchasing, hiring or lease and the renewal of your property.

At the traditional derivation of the transaction, we offer professional assessment of the changes sought locations for quick sale or lease, with a view to rapid and exclusive derivation of the transaction.

Our responsibilities and liabilities of each party are:

  • Listen to you and understand what you really want;
  • Remain within the price range that you specified;
  • Advertise and locate the property, which are in line with your expectations and will satisfy your needs;
  • Ensure you have access, you can locate the right service from our agents and external collaborators;
  • Use our modern technology to supply you with a new offer and change;
  • A survey of the local real estate market, find suitable sales and assistance in identifying the right price for your property;
  • Negotiate, committed pursuant to an agreement with you and in your favor;
  • Ensure you your favor support both during the sales process, as well as after the completion thereof;
  • Trust our knowledge and we will bring you to a new home.

Consistency and honesty, trust and kindness, flexibility, creativity and courage, competitiveness and compliance with good business practices, knowledge transfer and individual approach – these are the qualities that distinguish us and are our competitive advantage.

Our client is a king and should in cooperation with us also feel that way.



Our primary goal is to become a leading and trusted real estate agency in Slovenia, we specialize exclusively in mediation and counseling in the sale, purchase or lease all types of real estate.

We want to be worthy of your trust agency, the agency that it will, on the basis pleasant experience with us without any hesitation or reservation recommend starting your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Our cooperation is built on a personal relationship with each customer.

Information entrusted in agreement with the client is protected as a trade secret and strictly take care of discretion of operations.

Our experience shows that we have with their personal approach, consistency, honesty and effort to create trust between the parties, which tend to return to us or we unreservedly recommend to their relatives, friends and acquaintances – also because we are convinced that we are on the right track !

Contact AGENCIJA ANEKS and use our market knowledge, expertise and professionalism, and let us assure you that you will cooperate with us remembered as a successful and enjoyable experience.

Call us and see the professionalism and quality of our services.

We are here for you every step with you on your way to your destination!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ksenija Bizjak, Director




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