Mediation in real estate transactions


Mediation in the purchase, sale, lease, broadcast and professional counseling, consisting of our following activities;

  • determining the actual condition of the property (the first tour of the property, the findings of manifest errors, damage or defects affecting the usefulness or value of real estate, photo real estate);
  • determination of the legal status of the property by acquiring documents about the property (an extract from the land register or chain of contracts);
  • survey local real estate market, estimating the market value of the property, the disclosure of the principal or a third party to market conditions, which are important for setting the price at a mutually agreed contract price fixing;
  • written warnings, notices, certificates, talk with the principal and the notification thereof to the identified legal and factual estate and reliable warnings of identified errors;
  • see the property after the contract of mediation in real estate transactions;
  • provide the principal with the property and the establishment of contacts between the principal and third parties;
  • cooperation and assistance in the negotiation of a transaction between the principal and the third party;
  • acquaintance of the principal and the third party with all the circumstances that are relevant to the contract (familiarization with market conditions, which are important for determining the price of an individual contract, the content of the rules, which are important for a valid conclusion of the contract, the amount and type of tax payable, the amount of costs notarial authentication of signatures, land registration and other costs, the risks associated with unsettled land state property and encumbrances of real estate, etc.);
  • advertising real estate is settled law (in the media or otherwise) to the extent and in the manner determined by the real estate company
    presence at the inspection of the property by the principal, telephone communication with customers;
  • look for opportunities for the conclusion of the intended transaction and the organization views the property;
  • financiranjeprofessional composition of the relevant applicable contract by the LLB in accordance with Article 24 ZNPosr. preparation of tax returns on real estate, any other public charges and taxes, and all the documents on PARS and the notary (arranging verification), where the document after endorsement assume;
  • as the administrator keep the originals of the documents, other documents and keys real estate to the realization of the transaction;
  • participate in the transfer and acquisition of property and preparation of the handover protocol.




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