Financial and tax consulting in the field of real estate


Financial advice and provide legal certainty for the parties in the field of real estate.

We also offer tax advice and we arrange the preparation of documentation for PARS duties and taxes.



What costs do you have on the sale of your property?

When selling it is necessary to take into account certain costs incurred by the seller of real estate:

  • 2% DPN- transaction tax (based on the contract price), liable to pay the seller;
  • any tax on capital gains (the difference between buying and selling price): the first 5 years after the purchase of 25%, then every following 5 years reduced by 5 percentage points (from 6 up to and including 10 years of age is 20% including from 11 years up to and including 15. 15% …)
    tax on capital gains are exempt from those who have bought property before 1 January 2002 or have been in the real estate residence for at least the last 3 years prior to the sale, and it is actually lived;
  • any tax on inheritance and gifts, to the extent not yet been pai;,
  • any valuation (about € 300.00) if this is required in the tax and other procedures
    notarial authentication of the contract at the notary’s tariff.

More information on taxes can be found at the following link PARS:


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